What is RADIONICS? In radionic theory, all living things radiate an electromagnetic field which has different characteristics in health and disease conditions. Energy patterns are given a numerical value or "rate", usually calibrated on the dials of the diagnostic apparatus. Radionics is based on this principle and that everyone and everything has its own particular energy emanation and practitioners use sensitive electronic equipment to detect the presence and intensity of such emanations. In the U.S., U.K., and Europe, Radionics equipment is being used extensively for the analysis and treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Everyone Remembers

Everyone remembers one of these companies from childhood because its drug stores were on the corner of every neighborhood in America. Its soda fountain was a favorite hangout for kids after school. At its peak this giant company, which was started in 1903, had 24,000 drug stores. (By comparison, McDonald's currently has only 13,500 fast food restaurants. And you thought McDonald's was everywhere!) In fact, this company was America's first franchise. But over the past 15 years it shifted focus from drugs to nutritionals, becoming the nation's largest source of natural wellness products.

This company's product line of 175 all-natural health supplement formulas consists of blends of nutrients in proper balance according to the body's needs. The use of blends is far more efficient and economical than taking doses of, for example, Vitamin C or Vitamin E in individual capsules. These formulas include several patented products, too. For example, two of these exclusively patented products treat the non-surgical reversal of cardiovascular disease and lowering of cholesterol. This company is the ONLY source for some of these unique blends and formulas. These prevention products are unavailable elsewhere for those who are searching to escape dependency upon chemical and toxic prescription drugs with their side effects. ... read more

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First Thing Wrong

The Fat-Cats in the drug industry, knowing that we've become a pill-popping society, are capitalizing on our desperation to solve our increasing health problems. They spend millions creating more and more chemicals to mix into newly-developed drugs. They know big bucks are in drugs. But research shows that these stronger and stronger drugs build resistance in our body, which creates the demand for even stronger drugs. And everybody is ignoring the fact that chemical toxicity in drugs can be devastating to us!

Second thing wrong: prescription drugs can only TREAT health problems. They do not provide PREVENTATIVE NUTRITION! So we keep putting "band-aid" after "band-aid" on our problems instead of providing advance prevention. Very well written about it in the preview for women - theflipsideoffeminism.com/rephresh-vaginal-gel-reviews.html.

The medical profession has always used the "band-aid" remedy for health problems. In fact, 112 out of 127 medical schools don't even teach preventive nutrition! ... read more

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Guide to Aromatherapy

The information provided is for educational purposes only. If you are pregnant, or have any other medical condition, use oils only under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Consult a qualified practitioner before using oils with children. Keep bottles out of the reach of children. Do not: take any essential oils internally; apply undiluted essential oils to the skin.

Distilled from flowers, leaves, stems, bark or the wood of aromatic plants and trees, esssential oils are the most potent form of the aromatic and fragrant material. The oils are not greasy or fatty in the ordinary sense of the word, but volatile, highly concentrated, chemically complex substances. Such is the complex chemical structure of the oils they are impossible to replicate synthetically and are therefore, truly natural substances.

The oils have specific actions and effects, many of which are medicinal. For example, Tea Tree oil is a powerful antiseptic/antifungal whilst others have powerful anti viral and antibiotic properties. Some oils are natural stimulants (for example, the producers of male King Size Pills claim that they use the correct oil, but this is not always the case, more than read here - http://malebiologicalclock.com/king-size-male-enhancement-pills-reviews.html) and others directly affect moods and are able to calm emotions. It is always advisable to give yourself a patch-test on a small area of skin. ... read more

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Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy is the art and science of herbal remedies in the prevention and treatment of disease and illness. It therefore covers everything from medicinal plants with powerful actions, such as Digitalis and Belladonna, to those with very gentle action, such as our familiar tisanes of chamomiles and mint. The naturopathic, or "nature cure" tradition, supplements pure herbal practice with more of nature's own remedies--sunshine, clay, pure water, organic foods, exercise and knowledge. You can find out what the most correct combination for the brain and memory reading chillipear.com/neuro-shred-reviews.html.

Herbs have been used by people throughout the world from the earliest times for a multitude of purposes: food, medicine, poisons, incenses, cosmetics, fibre for cloth, rope and paper. Each of these herb's uses was discovered by generations of trial and error.

Herbal and naturopathic medicines are applicable to young and old, and for a wide variety of conditions. The range of natural medicines from plant and mineral kingdoms covers all systems of the body, so that virtually all conditions are potentially within its scope. Only natural therapeutics are used and they are all implicitly holistic, that is to say, treatment and examination focus on the whole person in his or her environment, not simply on the disease. The treatment plan, which you and your practitioner work out together, requires the patient to take an active role, becoming a full partner in the healing process. Diet is assessed in detail and nutritional counselling is very often a significant element of the treatment plan. ... read more

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